Low GI rice PACK

Low GI rice PACK

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The Packaging Includes:

Telangana Sona Rise 888g (31 OZ)
Pink Salt 150g (5.3 OZ)
Cumin 80g (2.8 OZ)
Ajwain (powder) 80g (2.8 OZ)
Black Pepper (ground) 80g (2,8 OZ)
Ginger (ground) 80g (2,8 OZ)
Peanuts 150g (5.3 OZ)
Fenugreek (powder) 80g (2,8 OZ)
Turmeric (powder) 80g (2,8 OZ)
Flax Seeds 150g (5.3 OZ)

Đ¢his rice has a low glycemic index, which makes it very suitable for people who require reduced carbohydrate intake. On top of that when prepared with these spices you will have even more control over your blood sugar level.

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