Pro Combo Pack 13+1

Pro Combo Pack 13+1


The Packaging Includes:

Basmati Rise 888g (31 OZ)
Pink Salt 150g (5.3 OZ)
Black Pepper (ground) 80g (2.8 OZ)
Fenugreek (powder) 80g (2.8 OZ)
Cumin 80g (2.8 OZ)
Coriander (ground) 80g (2.8 OZ)
Ginger (powder) 80g (2.8 OZ)
Mustard Seeds 108g (3.8 OZ)
Basil (flakes) 50g (1.76 OZ)
Oregano (rubbed) 50g (1.76 OZ)
Turmeric (powder) 80g (2.8 OZ)
Ajwain (powder) 80g (2.8 OZ)
Chili Flakes 80g (2.8 OZ)
Cinnamon (ground) 80g (2.8 OZ)

This combo pack will make life easier. Each spice has a number so there is so much fun cooking with our Visual recipes now. No need to remember all the spices by heart, just look for the number. Would you like help from the young once in your kitchen? Well with this easy to use Visual recipe system even a 10 year old kid can do it. It would be FUN we promise you.

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