Cinnamon (whole)

Cinnamon (whole)
Cinnamon (whole)


Net 1.8 oz


Cassia cinnamon cultivated in the spice plantations of Kerala, India. Our cinnamon is not processed, and therefore not rolled as we traditionally see in North America. This ensures the essential oils remain within the bark, and giving longer spice life. Cassia cinnamon is best used to prepare the famous Golden milk as well for Cinnamon Water and Cinnamon Tea.
Cassia's flavor is spicy sweet with a mild scent. It has warming and drying effect. It lowers the blood sugar levels and blood pressure. When infusing cinnamon into liquids, it's best to use cracked full sticks, which will impart the spice's subtle flavor without overpowering the mixture.

Cassia Bark:
0.1~0.2cm thick. The outer surface is dark brown to dark brown with grayish white spots, cork, or scaly detachment and a mottled pit; the inner surface is reddish-brown to black-brown, flat, with very fine vertical stripes and no oil marks. Hard and brittle, easy to break, flat section, gray outer layer, inner red brown, yellow brown ray between the two layers. The gas is fragrant and cool, like camphor and slightly sweet. It is better to have thin skin and strong aroma.
Healing Properties:
In the history of medicine, it has been used to enhance digestion, prevent nausia, treat coughs and generally for health problems of the respiratory (and the circulatory) system. As mentioned abover, it is still used in many health conditions and is considered a potent aphrodisiac.

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